Franchising is a decision we consider diligently. Before we move towards that decision, we verify that this partnership promises mutual benefits and interests. Our dedicated team provides both initial and ongoing support to deliver the necessary tools, training material, and support needed. The same way we strive to provide our Family Entertainment Center (FEC) with the best foundation to succeed, we make great efforts to give our partners the same opportunity.

Once you have submitted the franchise application to us from any part of the world, our team employs its expertise and wide-ranging knowledge of the market and its customs to draft a scheme that outlines maximum profitability and investment revenue. After conducting this study, we will put forward a feasibility report. As per that report, an agreement is reached by the franchisor and potential franchisee.

Of course, our services are not the only advantage of getting our brands franchise. In fact, it's just the beginning. Let's take a look at all the benefits you reap as a franchisee:

  • Proven Method
  • Brand Recognition and Advertising
  • Training and Support
  • Problem Solving
  • Protected Territories
  • Product Research and Development
  • Buying Power


how soon are you planning to get a franchise?

3 month
6 month
12 month

available investment

USD 1,000,001-USD 5,000,000
USD 5,000,001-USD 10,000,000
USD 10,000,001-USD 20,000,000
Above USD 20,000,000

do you already have premises to start the business?*


do you have previous experience in food and beverage industry or hospitality?*


how did you get to know about us?

email or direct marketing